Gluing Blanks for Turning

Discussion in 'Woodturning' started by StephanieDeVoe, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I need some 2x2x__ and 3x3x__ hardwood blanks for turning tapered spindles. Nothing fancy, just tapered from bottom to top, each about 7 inches long. These are to fit under two sizes of cones for winding yarn and thread onto, and to be used with electric bobbin winders for weavers and knitters. After doing some research into the cost of dowels/blanks bigger than about 1-1/4", I think it would be much less expensive to glue 1x1 square blanks together. Since I know nothing about the best ways to do this, I would appreciate some advice from more experienced turners about gluing, clamping, and anything else special I would need to do to guarantee good, trouble-free turning of these objects. Thanks.